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Five of the Best Uses for Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber Mats can be used in a large range of applications. At De Ruijter USA, we offer matting options for just about anything you can think up! And if we don’t have it, we can help you design a product to suit your specific and individual needs. Following is a short list of the most general uses of rubber floor matting:

Entrance Matting

Keep your home or business cleaner with an aesthetically pleasing rubber entrance mat as the front line of defense against the harsh elements of nature.  These highly durable and environmentally friendly mats help to reduce cleaning costs and slow the wear and tear on your flooring. Effective for indoor or outdoor use, anywhere there is a flow of traffic. Try one of our four terrific options!

Ergonomic Solutions

Rubber floor mats are often used to provide comfort to standing workers. These mats offer excellent anti-fatigue properties which relieve the stress and strain felt after long hours of standing. They are ergonomically designed to promote movement, increasing circulation and providing comfort.  Ideal for individual work stations – in the office or factory. Ideal for assembly lines, beauty salons, bank tellers, service counters, hotel receptionists, shipping/packaging station, cashiers.

Fitness Rooms

No matter if you are looking to cover your entire floor with an interlocking system, create a specific space with a longer roll mat, or just use a single mat for under your treadmill, elliptical or weight machine, these mats are great for a home gym or workout area, commercial fitness center, ski lodge, skating rink or anything similar. They also offer valuable shock absorption, elasticity, stability and supreme comfort, which can aid in the protection of an athlete’s joints and lessen the impact to their body. Most have a textured surface, providing traction for a sure-footed training area. Perhaps the best feature of all is that these mats are easy to install. The interlocking mechanism is a breeze and all mats can be easily cut to size, so they are sure to fit any area.

Food Service

There is an entire group of mats which cater specifically to the needs and requirements of restaurants, bars, canteens, food processing areas, and kitchen applications. The construction and rubber compounding of each mat makes for easy drainage and clean up. Grease and oil-resistant mats are also available for an added benefit. Works specifically well behind the bar, in food prep areas, or at the sink.

Livestock Needs

Agricultural mats are generally used for places such as stables, nurseries, and barns. They are easy to install and the clever rib design helps in drainage for hygiene and sure footing of both the animal and its caretaker. With a guaranteed long-life expectancy of ten years on our heavy, vulcanized SBR/NR, this mat offers durability, safety and protection.