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How to clean your mats

Caring for your rubber mats is quick and easy.

For cleaning mats, we recommend using soap and water. In a kitchen application, the best product is Dawn dishwashing soap. With warm water and Dawn, the mats typically clean very nicely. To remove stubborn dirt or oil you may use a soft hand brush and soapy water.

We also recommend Simple Green, a citrus based cleaner which is found at many area grocery or hardware stores. The natural citrus based product acts as a degreaser and will not harm the mats.

Entrance mats should be shaken out daily or as needed, to keep debris at a minimum. Also, periodical use of a pressure washer or garden hose can aid to rinse heavy dirt or mud off your mat.

Carpet mats can be vacuumed daily. To spot clean, simply scrub with soap and water and allow the mat to dry thoroughly before use.

Rubber mats are not recommended for use in a dishwasher, specifically the dry cycle. The drying of a mat, no matter what temperature, will take out the natural oils in the mat that prevent it from cracking and keep it in good shape.

Do not use abrasive scrubbers like steel wool or scouring pads. Also be sure to avoid acidic or acetone-based cleaning solutions. Do not use Bleach.

Always be sure to keep the floor underneath your mats clean of dust and debris and as dry as possible in order to reduce slippage.