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Livestock Matting

A mooove in the right direction.

Is your work day more productive due to the ergonomic benefits of your chair, desk, or workstation floor? Do you feel more lethargic if you didn’t get a good night of sleep? These same ideas are now carrying over to the agriculture industry. Many livestock farmers are adapting a new philosophy: Comfy cows are happy cows!

For those in the livestock industry, keeping animals healthy and comfortable is a top priority. If you are looking for better ways to raise healthier, cleaner cattle, while improving performance and productivity, why not provide them with some every day comfort. Rubber mats have been known to increase productivity, keep animals warm and dry and improve overall animal comfort. Matting insulates and gives the animal a much more comfortable place for lying down, so their energy is going into putting meat on their back or making milk rather than wasting their energy trying to keep warm.

Rubber flooring is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, with the ability to serve multiple purposes. There are mats for slatted floors and concrete floors. Some mats feature a tread-pattern underneath for added protection, so they grip and stay in place when the animals move around. Cleaning is simple; you can use anything from a garden hose to a tractor to remove debris. 

Industry-wide mats are ideal for horse stalls, dairy free stalls, trailers, work stations, tack and feed rooms, wash racks, grooming areas and barn aisles and entryways. These mats are not limited strictly to agricultural applications; they are also ideal for exercise facilities, food prep areas, greenhouses and garden centers.
De Ruijter offers many matting options and can even customize product to meet your specific needs or requirements. Contact our Finished Goods division today to let us become an asset to you and your sales team!