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Mat Spotlight Series: Easy Tile Modular

Easy Tile Modular Mat

The Easy Tile Modular Mat, available in both ring style and solid top, was developed with a wide variety of applications in mind. From the kitchen to the training room, these tiles will perform under the harshest conditions.

Made of a SBR/NR non-staining, non-marking rubber compound, your options are endless. For use in grease and oil applications, the red mat contains added Nitrile. The Ring Tile was developed with significant drainage holes to allow fluids and debris to pass, while the Solid Tile was developed with anti-fatigue and stationary applications in mind.

The interlocking mechanism allows for versatility, making this mat an easy choice for any size project. Accessories are available to allow for easy cart access and reduce tripping hazards.


Solid - 16" x 16" (7.3 lbs) 
Ring - 16" x 16" (5 lbs)


Black, Red

Ideal uses: Flooring for gyms, play areas, locker rooms. Commercial kitchens, bars, prep areas. Industrial assembly lines or single work stations.


Easy Tile Accessories

The Easy Tile Corners and Beveled Edges are made specifically for the 16" x 16' Easy Tile Modular Ring and Solid Mats. 


Solid - 16" x 16" (7.3 lbs)
Ring - 16" x 16" (5 lbs)


Black, Red, Yellow