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Mat Spotlight Series: Industrial Roll Mat


The Industrial Roll Mat was built with safety and low maintenance in mind. Because it allows for drainage of fluids, it is easily swept and can be maintained with soap and water clean-up. A molded, reversible tread pattern helps prevent movement and reduces slipping hazards, while still being light enough to easily move and reposition. This excellent runner mat aids in protecting floors and walkways, while reducing noise levels in work areas. Top and bottom surfaces allow mat to be used on both sides.
Size:     3’ x 36’ x 3/8” (165 lbs)
Black = multi-purpose
Red = grease and oil resistant
Gray = grease and oil resistant (special order only - 12 week lead time)
Ideal uses: Commercial kitchens/cafeterias, bars, buffet lines, service areas, wet/oily applications, assembly lines, locker rooms, ski lodges, skating rinks, barns, pools, etc.