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Mat Spotlight Series: Light Duty Ring Mat

Light Duty Ring Mat

This mat is our #1 seller! Uniquely constructed with durability and flexibility in mind, the Light Duty Ring Mat is ideal for workstations, laboratories, kitchens, and bars. This mat has been eengineered for excellent comfort, safety and drainage. It is compounded to allow for maximum anti-fatigue features, providing a safe and comfortable standing/walking area, while reducing noise levels. Molded, beveled edges on all four sides allow for easy cart access and added safety precautions. Drainage holes allow for fluids and debris to filter through easily, creating a dry and comfortable workspace.

Sizes:    3’ x 3’ x ½” (14 lbs.)

            3’ x 5’ x ½” (26 lbs.)

            3’ x 10’ x ½” (63 lbs.)


Colors: Black – multi-purpose

            Red – grease/oil resistant

            Gray, Blue, Green – grease/oil resistant (special order only; 12 week delivery time)


Ideal Uses: kitchen, bar, wait stations, coolers and dry storage areas


Now Available! Economy Light Duty Ring Mat

In an effort to provide you with an even more cost-effective solution, we have developed a mat to suit the constraints of any budget. Our Light Duty Ring Mat is now available in a 20-pound version!

Sizes:    3’ x 5’ x ½” (20 lbs.)

Colors: Black - multi-purpose

Ideal Uses: same applications as the regular Light Duty Ring Mat


For more information, contact Ashley in our Finished Goods Division: ashleye@usadri.com