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Mat Spotlight Series: Rubber Back Carpet Mat

The Rubber Back Carpet Mat was developed as a more economical option to fit the needs of our ever-changing market conditions. These mats are made to be consumer-friendly; they wash up easily and hold up to a wide array of entryway environments.

The carpet is made of Polyester which is extremely strong and has durable fibers that are resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, wrinkles, mildew, and abrasion. Polyester retains its shape and is good for even the harshest climates. It is quick drying by nature, which makes these mats easy to wash and dry.

The rubber backing is made of SBR/NR non-staining, non-marking anti-skid rubber, allowing for greater safety properties, by gripping to floors and carpet, so this mat stays where you put it. A molded rubber border keeps dirt and moisture where it needs to stay… on the mat, protecting your carpets and floors.

Maintenance is a breeze! We recommend vacuuming daily during inclement weather with a wet/dry vacuum to help preserve the characteristics of the mat. Spots can be treated with an organic cleaner, which has been tested and approved as environmentally safe. For best results, we suggest using Green Works Products www.greenworkscleaners.com. After any cleaning, rinse the mat thoroughly with water only. Always remember to put it back in place on a clean, dust free, dry floor. 

The excellent appearance of this mat is sure to make a great addition to any entrance or hallway, and is available in a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate any entrance area.


2’ x 3’ (5 lbs)
3’ x 4’ (9 lbs)

3’ x 5’ (11 lbs)
4’ x 6’ (18 lbs)



Black, Brown, Blue, Gray, Green, Red


Ideal uses:  residential or commercial, indoor and outdoor entryways; schools, municipal buildings, office buildings


For more information, including samples and pricing, please contact our Finished Goods division.