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Pump Up Your Workout Space

Especially with the ensuing holiday feasts, your daily workout is important to you. So, why should you settle for anything less than an ideal placeto work up a sweat and shed those extra calories? Whether it’s a corner of the garage, a space in your basement or a commercial gym, De Ruijter USA has the right matting to fit your needs, no matter if you are looking to cover the entire floor with an interlocking system, create a specific space with a longer roll mat or just use a single mat for under your treadmill, elliptical or weight machine.

While enhancing the look of your area, rubber matting provides added safety for you and protection for your floor. These mats are specifically designed to take abuse, as well as providing long life, which supports your investment. The durability of the mat can preserve the floor underneath from the equipment sitting on top of the mat, as well as anything that may be dropped on the floor during your workout. By providing a resilient place to land, rubber mats can also help protect your equipment, such as hand-held weights, when dropped.

Designed especially for places such as gyms, sports complexes, locker rooms, children's play areas and daycares, all our sport and leisure mats are made from an SBR/NR compound. The insulating and resilient properties of this rubber provides optimal comfort and protection, offering valuable shock absorption, elasticity, stability and supreme comfort, which can aid in the protection of an athlete’s joints and lessen the impact to their body. As an added bonus, the safety beveled edges help prevent tripping hazards and a textured surface provides traction for a sure-footed training area.

Perhaps the best feature of all is that these mats are easy to install. The interlocking mechanism is a breeze and all mats can be easily cut to size, so they are sure to fit any area.