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Safety Features of Rubber Matting

Safety is top priority at De Ruijter USA, so it should come as no surprise that our matting products feature many qualities that promote safety for the end user.

Our mats feature one or more of following:

Molded, beveled edges reduce tripping hazards and allow for easy cart access. They also hold dirt and moisture in, keeping floors dry and free of debris.
Ergonomic designs promote movement, while the elevated underside allows for airflow beneath the mat, providing comfort to the worker.
With no-slip construction, the mat will stay where you put it; while a textured surface provides added traction, reducing slippage.
Mats made with Nitrile compound, provide a safe, anti-slip surface in greasy/oily environments.
Drainage holes allow fluid and debris to pass through the mat, keeping your work area clean and dry.
Interlocking Systems allow for a continuous surface, reducing tripping hazards.
Rubber mats also help with noise reduction.
To find a mat that fits your specific needs, give us a call and our matting experts will help guide you in the right direction!