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Valentine's Day is Tomorrow!


  1. You could care less. (If so, there is no need to continue reading.)
  2. You’ve been looking forward to this day since the day after Christmas.
  3. Say what??? You haven’t bought a gift or even a card yet!

If you fall into the same category as most of us, here are a few last-minute gift ideas to keep you out of the doghouse with your significant other!

  • A homemade dinner for two – most restaurants will require reservations and if you haven’t made them yet, it may be a tough task to eat by 10pm. We suggest visiting the grocery store and surprising your love with a home-cooked dinner. Don’t forget the wine!
  • Romantic movies – why not follow up dinner with a good flick? You could rent a classic: “Casablanca”, “The Notebook”, “Gone with the Wind”, “An Affair to Remember”, “The Princess Bride”, “Sleepless in Seattle” Or hit the Theaters: “Winter’s Tale” & “Love is in the Air” are both opening on Friday, Feb. 14th
  • A bouquet of fresh flowers from the local florist – a dozen roses is nice, but anything will do, really!
  • Weekend get-away – overnight in a downtown hotel or just a day trip through the countryside (Bonus points if you arrange the babysitter)
  • Jewelry – something she can cherish for years to come. Plus she’ll think of you every time she puts it on!
  • Chocolate is always a great gift, even if for no reason at all!
  • I.O.U’s – not what you think… these I.O.U.’s are personal and heartfelt. Grab some strips of paper, write your promises on them and keep them in an envelope.  Need some suggestions??? A back rub, doing the dishes, a trip to the grocery store, washing the windows, mow the lawn, etc.

We suggest not using all of these at once… save something for next year, a birthday, or your anniversary!