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Why should De Ruijter USA be your primary mat supplier? (Part 2 of 3)

You'll be working directly with the manufacturer.

The obvious benefit to this is cutting out the middle man, allowing us to offer you the most competitive pricing on a variety of product with shorter lead times and larger quantities of in-stock merchandise. The best part is being able to pass all the savings on to you! We also can help build custom product at your request.
We control exactly how our mats are made and what material(s) they are comprised of. For example, for mats used in greasy or oily applications, we add Nitrile, which keeps the mat from soaking in oils, lubricants, etc. We keep a few styles of these grease/oil-resistant mats in stock and if you’re looking for something different (such as a 100% Nitrile mat), we can work with you from start to finish to create a custom mat specific to your needs. We can even put your logo on it!
Another advantage to working with the manufacturer is that we are able to formulate recipes for production of finished goods on an as-needed basis, conforming to the conditions and demands of the global economy.