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Heavy Duty Ring Mat

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The heaviest design and rubber construction available in a ring mat. Natural rubber compounded into the mat gives it excellent anti-fatigue properties along with durability.

Elevated underside allows for drainage of fluid and debris while air flows effortlessly under your shoes adding to the comfort of a worker. Straight edges allow mats to be placed side by side without tripping hazards. Each mat is heavy enough to stay in place with little to no movement.

  • Specifications

  • 39" x 59" x 3/4" [W x L x H]46 lbs.
  • Black multi purpose
    Red grease and oil resistant
  • Part Numbers

  • 39" x 59" X 3/4" Heavy Duty Ring Mat - Black 395934HD-B
  • 39" x 59" X 3/4" Heavy Duty Ring Mat - Red 395934HD-R